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Universe Nickname: Reverse!Universe

Physical Appearance: Exactly the same as canon Kaito. You couldn't tell the difference on visual inspection if you tried... unless you stripped him, in which case he's missing some conspicuous scars.

Notable Body Language / Habits: Almost exactly the same as canon Kaito. Firstly, he's a bit more inventive and cautious in mop chases with Aokos — not to say that he isn't still a complete brat, but he's acknowledging and expecting a higher level of skill than canon Aoko possesses. Secondly, any tells he might possibly have had towards his identity as Kid (evasiveness, defensiveness, fanboying, etc.), no matter how small, are non-existent. Everything else is identical to his canon counterpart.

Notable Powers: Nada.

Notes for Psychics: Is... not Kid! In fact, Kaito is pretty annoyed by the thief and considers him a challenge and a rival in magic and for Aoko not that he would ever in a million years admit that. There is maybe a tiny, liiiittle bit of grudging respect as well.

He's got fairly strong willpower (comparable to his canon self), so while he isn't actively protected against spells or mind-reading, he'll resist them pretty damn hard both consciously and unconsciously.

Other than that, he pings as a completely normal human being with a bad fear of fish.


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